Description of GandCrab ransomware

Given the fast growth of the cryptojacking market, some big cybercriminal groups appear to have abandoned ransomware distribution activity in favor of the more profitable foul play. Under the circumstances, the emergence of a new competently crafted sample of blackmail MalWarrior is quite an event. That is the case with GandCrab, a ransomware strain boasting ramified propagation routine and flawless encryption practices.
The GandCrab infection is making the rounds via several vectors. One involves exploit kits, that is, malicious code exploiting software vulnerabilities on target computers after would-be victims visit a compromised website. The kits leveraged in this particular campaign include RIG and GrandSoft. Another way of depositing the malicious program onto systems revolves around spam. In this scenario, users receive emails disguised as invoices that contain toxic attachments. Simply opening the attached file suffices to unknowingly launch a harmful PowerShell script that downloads ransomware modules proper.
A peculiar hallmark of GandCrab is its use of the .bit top-level domain for communication with its C2 servers. This tactic allows the culprit to fly under the radar of some security solutions installed on compromised PCs. Once the ransomware has scanned the host for potentially important data and obtained a public encryption key from its Command & Control server, it encrypts those files using RSA cryptographic algorithm. It also concatenates the .GDCB extension to filenames and leaves a ransom notification named GDCB-DECRYPT.txt. Ultimately, the victim is coerced to visit the GandCrab Decryptor page that instructs them to submit 1.54 Dash worth some $1,200. Dash is a form of cryptocurrency that’s used by ransomware peddlers for the first time.
Security experts advise against submitting the ransom to cybercrooks. Instead, those infected should try alternative ways of data recovery through backups, Shadow Copy service and forensic software.

GandCrab ransomware attack screenshot

GandCrab ransomware attack

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